Atom TM & Tobias play live in the US

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  • The two veteran artists will perform in New York, San Francisco and Chicago next month.
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  • Uwe Schmidt and Tobias Freund will play live as Atom TM & Tobias at three gigs in the US next month. Schmidt and Freund have each been remarkably prolific over the past two-and-a-half decades—Schmidt, in particular, has used dozens of production aliases like Atom TM and Senor Coconut—and they've been working together, on and off, for almost as long. Two relatively recent recordings are prime examples of their far-reaching musical output: the Grand Blue full-length released on Mule Music earlier this year saw the duo meander through leftfield piano excursions, while last May's Live at Berghain EP (for which Freund used his Pink Elln alias) showed off the sort of completely improvised, hardware-only techno likely to be on display at each of these US appearances. First up for Atom TM & Tobias is a night in Brooklyn on Friday, August 3rd, at the Bunker's Live Hardware Night, which will also feature live sets from Pittsburgh Track Authority and Detroit's Darkcube. Then the following Friday, the duo will head to Monarch in San Francisco for the Bunker's second collaborative event with the Gray Area Foundation For The Arts (the two groups recently hosted Donato Dozzy and Neel's Voices From The Lake project). Bunker regular Mike Servito will DJ at both of those shows. Atom TM & Tobias' mini-tour winds down in the Windy City on Saturday the 11th with a set at the Viaduct Theater for Electronic Sound + Art Chicago's launch party. A collection of local artists including DJs Chris Widman and Striz will also play at that one, tickets to which can be found here on RA.