Gatekeeper ready debut album, Exo

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  • Due out in July on Hippos In Tanks, the New York duo's first full-length comes complete with a video game.
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  • Gatekeeper will release their first album, Exo, this July on LA-based label Hippos In Tanks. Gatekeeper is Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkell, two New York-based artists with multimedia approach to their craft. They first debuted as Gatekeeper three years ago on Fright, a Kompakt sub-label focused on "serial killer synth symphonies"—i.e. disco-ish tracks inspired by horror and sci-fi scores. They expanded on this theme for 2010's Giza EP, which had a limited edition VHS counterpart featuring campy videos produced by the duo. Exo has an audiovisual element too: it will be accompanied by a video game designed by Tabor Robak (who collaborated with Ross's art project/boy band, HDBoyz), in which the player "explores various worlds inspired by the tracks on the album." Tracklist 01. Imax 02. Exolift 03. Visitor 04. Bog 05. Vengier 06. Hydrus 07. Pre - Gen 08. Tree Drum 09. Dromos 10. Aero 11. Re - Gen Hippos In Tanks will release Exo on July 17th, 2012.