Area preps Where I Am Now

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  • The Chicago producer's first full-length comes out in March on Francois K's label, Wave Music.
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  • Chicago-based producer Area will release his first album in March on Wave Music. Area DJs on Chicago's WNUR under the name m50, and started putting out records in 2004. His first full-length combines previously unreleased material with selections from his past EPs. The tracklist was chosen by two artists that have been instrumental to his career so far: Francois K, who put out the Absence EP on Wave Music in 2009, and Brendon Moeller, who released Tangled In a year later on Steadfast and made a record with Area under the name Lightness. Kevorkian also "sequenced" the album. Tracklist 01. Cellicos 02. Skyline Face Silhouette 03. Slow Death Ghetto 04. Lag 05. Moving Away 06. Pathll 07. Cecentric 08. Mass Conserved 09. Palindrom 10. Llpod 11. Missing A Few 12. Respons Wave Music will release Where I Am Now on March 6th, 2012.