SLIM Week hits Berlin

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  • The arts and music series will take place next week at S.K. Robinson and Tresor.
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  • SLIM, an arts and music magazine based in Berlin, will host an event series called SLIM Week starting on Tuesday. The free publication describes itself as an "English speaking pocket magazine covering quality music, art, fashion, cuisine, and lifestyle culture in Berlin." For SLIM Week, they'll try to pack in as many of those items as possible into a series of multifaceted events at S.K. Robinson. From Tuesday through Friday, the newfangled Kreuzberg venue will host exhibits, live radio streams, concerts and parties featuring artists and DJs close to the magazine (Dirt Crew, Mobilee, Falktplatz and Dumb Unit to name a few). At midnight on Friday the action moves to Tresor's +4Bar, where Joel Alter will play live and Bearweasel will DJ. The programming picks up pace on Saturday with showcases from Moodmusic and A Room With A View at S.K. Robinson, featuring Art of Tones, Baaz, Iron Curtis and Martin Dawson. Sunday's event starts at 2:00 PM and includes sets from Eddie C and Zander VT among others. The whole thing wraps up on Monday, December 12th with an edition of Sweatlodge's Monday night show The Booth, complemented by an exhibit of Polaroids from the previous week. All of the events—except the party at Tresor—are free until midnight. Chatting recently via email, Elie Eidelman, one of the main forces behind SLIM and Sweatlodge, told us more about the week ahead:
    Tell me a bit about SLIM. How did it start, and what's the magazine's general objective? How does this carry over to SLIM Week? My partner James and I are involved in many different projects, from our bookings agency, Sweatlodge Radio and record labels we are behind to many local and international events. We found ourselves promoting content on a daily basis. Not only our own stuff but artist and labels around us who we like and support. I personally have a background in press and publishing and felt that in Berlin something was missing. We decided to use our experience, contacts and content to create an English-speaking Berlin magazine to feature our personal taste and artists around us. SLIM comes out on the first of every month and is free. The feedback so far has been great even though we still see it as a project in development. From day one SLIM also did events around Berlin. SLIM Week was a natural development to bring together our passions of not only dance music but art as well. What's the reasoning behind SLIM's multi-pronged approach? We started with Sweatlodge Radio (which will be relaunched with new design early next year) and Agency. As I mentioned in the question before, more and more projects came to be. SLIM Week is a chance to connect all our passions and projects together during one intense period. Connect the live radio streams to the art world and bring them together under one roof. Something that SLIM Magazine wants to do in the print format. As with Sweatlodge, SLIM Week makes use of internet radio. Broadcasting in general is coming back a bit in electronic music (Dommune, Boiler Room, etc.) What makes this medium special for you? We just love radio! Growing up in Jerusalem radio was the first medium I had to learn and connect to alternative music. The original idea behind Sweatlodge was to bring back that radio vibe, not just having another DJ set or podcast you can find all over the web. Unfortunately we don't have a live radio studio yet so for us the stream and live broadcast from Berlin is the closest we have to real live radio. Having the shows open to the public during SLIM Week is a chance for people to come down and see their favorite DJs do a radio show outside the context of a club night. What part of SLIM Week are you most excited about? On Wednesday we have the Jack the Box Radio show live with Bobby Starrr and Tyree Cooper. I just love their radio voices and presentation. These guys know how to do radio. On the other hand I'm looking forward to the night events. Friday's SLIM party at Tresor with Master H and Bearweasel and Saturday night main event at S.K. Robinson with Art Of Tones, Iron Curtis and myself.