Hubble preps Reverse Utopia

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  • The Berlin-based artist goes avant-garde on a new full-length for Sleep is Commercial.
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  • Hubble will release his second album in January, entitled Reverse Utopia Hubble is a Berlin-based DJ and producer who runs with the Sleep Is Commercial crew, putting out records on the label and playing at their parties at places like Club der Visionaere, Kater Holzig and its infamous predecessor, Bar25. His production style is usually club-friendly but also subtle and reflective. On Reverse Utopia he leaves the club behind entirely, pursuing a sparse and open-ended sound that's only hinted at on his 12-inches. Most of the songs are well over 10-minutes long, and only some have clearly defined grooves. The record will be the first artist album on Sleep Is Commercial. Tracklist 01. No Place 02. Kia 03. Dreamers Edit I 04. Domus 05. India 06. Dreamers Edit II 07. Love & Revolution 08. Disingenuous Statement 09. I Think About You All the Time Sleep Is Commercial will release Reverse Utopia in January 2012.