Public Lover unveil debut album, A Broken Shape of You

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  • The first collaborative LP by Bruno Pronsato and Ninca Leece will come out on Telegraph in January.
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  • Public Lover are ready to release their debut album on Telegraph Records, entitled A Broken Shape Of You. Made up of Bruno Pronsato and the French singer and producer Ninca Leece, Public Lover have been making records and playing in clubs for the past year and a half or so. Their music is an even balance of each artist's trademark style, pairing Pronsato's intricate sound design with Ninca Leece's pop sensibility and romantic lyrics. The result is something that has the audiophile quality of Pronsato's past records, plus the sultry feel of albums like Matthew Herbert's Bodily Functions. So far the duo have put out two 12-inches, one on Telgraph and one on thesongsays, Pronsato's label. A Broken Shape Of You includes just one previously released track: "I Try," a selection from their debut EP that made it into RA's Top Tracks of 2010. It's due out at the end of January. Tracklist 01. A Broken Shape of You 02. Someone Somewhere 03. What She Saw 04. Under Your Tongue 05. I Try 06. The Same Is the Same 07. It's So 08. Your Eyes Taste Like Mine Telegraph Records will release A Broken Shape of You on January 31st, 2012.