Lady Blacktronika sings Future Blues

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  • The "First Lady of Beatdown" will release her debut album next month.
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  • Lady Blacktronika will release her first full-length on Your Only Friend at the end of June. Since we last spoke with the Californian producer, Lady Blacktronica has broken away from Cocaine collaborator Mattski to set up her own label, Sound Black Recordings. Following a string of singles rooted in honouring the foundations of house from Chicago, New Jersey and Detroit, the soulful vocalist returns with a deep, occasionally disturbing 10-track LP. Future Blues gathers odes to electronic music's past and imbues them 21st century sensibilities, marrying dusty Chicago house vocals with throbbing contemporary rhythms. The record features Strictly Rhythm singer Ira Levi and Bailey Jemille, from her own Sound Black imprint. Tracklist 01. Toxic 02. Deep In The Life feat. Ira Levi 03. Head Over Heels 04. Who Makes You Feel 05. Desperately Seeking Theo 06. Does She Know It's Just A Rumour 07. Gender Bias 08. Dreams 09. If Some Rain 10. Gettin' Ovah feat. Bailey Jemille Your Only Friend Recordings will release Future Blues on June 27th, 2011.