Suara says Kitties Wanna Dance

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  • The Barcelona label has a new mix and compilation out.
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  • Spanish label Suara has released a collection called Kitties Wanna Dance! Vol. 2. In what's set to be an extremely busy year for the three-year-old imprint, the compilation is just one piece of the puzzle. It will be more ambitious than its predecessor, containing 21 tracks rather than 10, and also include a mix from the label's owner, Coyu. Already available digitally, the unmixed portion of the compilation features tracks from Greek houser Nikola Gala, Dutch producer Bas Amro and German duo Dirt Crew. Details for the mixed section are yet to be released. Also on the cards this summer are several single releases–one every three weeks, to be exact. The first will see Edu Imbernon and Triumph return to the label, along with a remix from Milton Jackson. Another will feature an original from Benny Rodrigues, with mixes by Patrick Chardronnet and Surrealism. The Suara showroom series will also be remixed by artists such as Hermanez, Bas Amro, Tiger Stripes, Till von Sein & Adam Port. We recently caught up with Coyu via email to chat a bit more about Suara.
    What's the philosophy behind the Suara? Very simple and difficult to explain at the same time. I release just the music that I like, from deep house to soft techno. I just need to love it. I don't care about if it's warm or powerful, melodic or groovy. It's all about good stuff in very different ways. The original track on one of our latest releases was made by Carlo Lio. It was a truly peak time tech house killer. Then I decided to ask to one techno artist (Gel Abril) and one deep house artist (Huxley) for the remixes. The result was one remix in a Berghain style that has been charted by Troy Pierce and one remix that could have been released on Freerange. It's just an example. I can't give the label just one sound, because I don't like just one kind of music. By the way I have three labels at the moment. Atypical Farm for real techno music. My Cup Of Tea for special stuff from deep to indie disco house in a pop way. The design of this label is unbeatable. Please take a look to the artworks of MCOT because i'm sure you will love it. I have a few of the artworks at home as pictures. Then Suara. I forgot to say that we're working on a new label for bootlegs. Only vinyl and limited copies. So I should say that I'm the owner of four labels, not three... Who are the label's core artists, and how do you all know each other? Not easy to reply as all the artists that have released a track or a remix on Suara are important for me. The circle of artists on the label is huge. I like to work with very different artists, try to do something special every time. I'm always interest to find new artists, release music from new talents... But I also love to work with fellas like Edu Imbernon, Uner, Affkt, Carlo Lio. 33 records is a lot for a label just three years old. How do manage all those releases? Not easy, especially because I'm doing everything myself. I have a visual designer for artwork and newsletters (GaAs). I'm also working with a distributor that makes me the life a little bit easier (Prime Direct), but I started to work with them only a few weeks ago. I'm my own A&R. I'm my own accountant. I'm my own assistant. I should find people for all that jobs because the label is getting bigger and bigger, but isn't easy to find the right people. How did you decide on the title Kitties Wanna Dance? The label is very close relationship with cats. That's why all our artworks since Suara 011 (early 2009) are cats in very diverse forms. Kitties Wanna Dance is like an explosion of happiness, a hymn to life… Suara is a label that wanna grow up doing the right things and Kitties Wanna Dance means our necessity to be listened for making happy to the people.
    Tracklist 01. Kid Culture – The King Speaks 02. Nikola Gala – Greenball 03. Surrealism – Sunday Love 04. Sean Miller – Show Of Hands 05. Melohman & Javi Bora – Khalifa City A 06. Himan – Radio Mute 07. Huxley & Olly Hillier – Highly Strung 08. Bas Amro – Mando 09. Pol_On – Cloudy 10. Cosmic Cowboys – Cross The Line 11. David Labeij – Technoir 12. Dualton – Republic 13. Peter Horrevorts – Crackhouse 14. Add2Basket – Now We Are Walking 15. Tomoki Tamura – Wild 16. Darlyn VlysNobody Knows 17. Phonogenic – DSM 18. David Durango – Melchior 19. Mathias Mesteno –Swan 20. Dirt Crew – Agent Dub 21. UGLH – That Kitties Wanna Dance! Vol. 2 is currently available on Suara.