OFF Recordings goes Back to the Raw

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    Wed, 20 Apr 2011, 13:45
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  • With two CDs, three 12-inches and a digital section too, this one's a real doozy.
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  • OFF Recordings will release a hefty compilation next month called Back to the Raw. The Berlin house label has been around since 2008, forging a style of raw house music. For their first label compilation, they really pulled out all the stops: the package includes two mix CDs and a slew of exclusive tracks spread across three 12-inches. The first mix is done by label boss Andre Crom, and focuses entirely on new material from some of the label's key artists, such as Nima Gorji, Ian Pooley, Einzelkind and DJ W!ld, plus newcomers like Varoslav. Disc two takes the opposite approach, looking back on highlights from OFF Recordings' catalog to date. That one's mixed by French house artist Chris Carrier. Many of the tracks from Crom's disc appear in unmixed form on the triple-vinyl part of the compilation. Tracklist CD1: Andre Crom - The New Tracks 01. Varoslav & Werner Niedermeier – Yelon 02. Thyladomid – Calling 03. David August – Tainted Rose 04. Nima Gorji – Do It Together 05. Ian Pooley – Side Of Me 06. Huxley - Murnina 07. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson – What We Do Today 08. Alejandro Mosso – Everywhere 09. Posh - Buze 10. Einzelkind – Drop It 11. Chris Carrier - Race Against Time 12. Robytek – A Taste Of Soul 13. Luca Doobie – Pegasus 14. DJ W!LD – Suite De Trefle 15. 6Belfie & Alex Tea – Alone In This World CD2: Chris Carrier - Backview 01. Intro 02. Jamy Wing - Go Away 03. Whodafuck - Somebody 04. Andre Crom & Luca Doobie - Ebony (Ray Okpara Remix) 05. Andre Crom & Luca Doobie - Sometimes (Federico Molinari Remix) 06. DJ W!LD - Reflexiones De Mis Accionnes 07. Chris Carrier - Cycles Gladiator 08. Amir - Blue Marylin 09. Jaffa Surfa - Feel It 10. Chris Carrier & Phil Weeks - Juice 11. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - Temptation 12. Jaffa Surfa - Ahamay (Phil Weeks Remix) 13. Ben Anders - Another Time 14. Fabio Giannelli - 100 Years Later (Einzelkind Remix) 15. Chris Carrier - Jeudi (William Kouam Djoko Aftermath Mix) OFF Recordings will release Back to the Raw on June 13th, 2011.