Gadi Mizrahi finalises Australian tour dates

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    Thu, 10 Feb 2011, 02:00
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  • Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne will host the Wolf + Lamb co-founder next month.
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  • Wolf + Lamb member Gadi Mizrahi will play parties in four Australian cities in March. The Brooklyn-based DJ's visit next month will be his first time in Australia. The popularity of his various projects has ensured that he and musical partner Zev Eisenberg establish a strong following around the world. The pair's musical output, both together and individually, has been just as far-reaching as that of their label's, which, in the past 18 months alone, has hosted well-received releases from Lee Curtiss, Deniz Kurtel and Nicholas Jaar. Chatting via email earlier this week, Mizrahi told us how Miami's been treating him, and what releases he's got in the pipeline:
    How has your year started off? Any highlights so far? It's been great so far. I've had a great time spending the winter in Miami with Zev and Soul Clap. We've been working on music to be released this summer, and preparing for our DJ Kicks two-month international tour. Have you had any more unusual requests concerning the Marcy Hotel lately? Have any more resumés arrived? Haha. We've handed over the Marcy to our label mate Greg Paulus to look after for a few months. What are the plans for 2011? Is there anything in particular you'd like to get done by the end of the year? I'm focusing much of my energy on building the Double Standard Records catalog. I have new releases from Double Hill, a new artist I'm breaking in 2011, and Voices of Black with remixes from Worst Friends and Tanner Ross. Any plans for another EP? Will you release on Spectral again? I'm finishing off an EP with Charlie from Soul Clap where we go under the moniker Lonely C and Baby Prince. Hopefully it should be out on either Wolf + Lamb or Double Standard this summer. Finally, tell us about Tanner Ross. You're releasing his album soon. We've known Tanner through Soul Clap for a bit now. He's recently had a major breakthrough with his productions. He wrote a track especially for our Wolf +Lamb vs. Soul Clap DJ Kicks compilation which, in my opinion, stole the show. It's called "Goodbye Summer" and is the closest thing to a Morgan Geist/Metro Area-style track I've heard in a while. He's working on his album now. It's very exciting.
    Mizrahi will be playing his first Australian date at Sugar in Adelaide on March 12th. From there, he'll head to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Tickets to Mizrahi's Sydney appearance are available from RA Tickets.