Terry Lee Brown Junior enters the Labyrinth

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    Wed, 29 Sep 2010, 15:15
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  • The Mannheim DJ and producer has a new full-length in the pipeline.
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  • Norman Feller, AKA Terry Lee Brown Junior will release his next album, Labyrinth, this November on Plastic City. With a career spanning back to the late '80s, Feller is a seasoned veteran of Germany's electronic scene, and one of the early champions of tech house—a style he continues to explore on Labyrinth. He's put out upwards of 40 records, including six artist albums, all of which have seen release on Plastic City, a label based in Feller's home city of Mannheim. Labyrinth shows Feller staying true to form, interspersing his clean and funky beat workouts with deep and atmospheric interludes. The record features guest appearances from a few of Feller's labelmates, with Greg Parker co-producing the track "Ego Expedition" and The Timewriter lending his talents on "It Started Right Here." Tracklist 01. Neutral 02. Ego Expedition 03. Black Mountains 04. It Started Right Here 05. Stereopsis 06. Dynasty 07. Andromeda 08. Tribe 09. Eyes of a Stranger 10. Paradise 11. Sunny Poseidon 12. Baltimore 13. Bohemian Life 14. Labyrinth Reprise Plastic City will release Labyrinth in November 2010.