D-Bridge & Instra:Mental present Autonomic for Fabric

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    Wed, Dec 23, 2009, 11:30
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  • The trio will release the 100th compilation for the famed London club in February.
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  • D-Bridge and Instra:mental have been tapped to mix FabricLive.50. The trio of drum & bass fanatics have spent 2009 wowing fans of the genre via their Autonomic podcasts, mixing up tracks that have influenced and inspired their work, as well as presenting a variety of upfront material that has appeared on their two imprints, Exit and NonPlus+. Far from being fodder for genre enthusiasts, though, the podcasts have spanned genres, appealing to dubstep fans, as well as a number of house and techno producers because of their innovative take on the genre. When asked about their unique productions, Instra:mental explained it to fabric thusly: "There was no space in drum & bass, it was just running twenty breaks on top of each other, so we thought about what we could do, because what we were making was quite minimalistic in some ways; we decided to not fill the gaps." After nine podcasts delivered at the beginning of each month, however, the site went mysteriously silent. Which is likely because the trio were hard at work on putting together the fabric mix, which will serve as another edition in the series. Says D-Bridge, "We wanted the fabric CD to be like the best podcast we've ever done. That was our aim. When we were asked to do it, we approached all the people making music we love, and asked them to write us something special for the CD. Distance, Scuba, Genotype, myself and Instra:mental all did it." Tracklist 01. Riya - Seems Like 02. Instra:mental - From the Start 03. Stray - Pushed 04. Dan Habarnam - Nu Este Roz 05. Vaccine - Ochre 06. ASC - Starkwood (Consequence Remix) 07. Consequence - Lover's Shell 08. Distance - Sky's Alight (Dub) 09. Alix Perez - Self Control 10. Genotype - Distorted Dreams / Meleka - Go (Accapella) - Meleka 11. Instra:mental - End Credits 12. Instra:mental - Watching You 13. Instra:mental - Fist (Level 2B Mix) 14. Consequence - 11 Circles (ASC Remix) 15. dBridge - I Know 16. Instra:mental - Encke Gap 17. Loxy & Genotype - Farah's Theme / dBridge - Inner Disbelief (Accapella) 18. Pearson Sound - Down With You 19. Scuba - Tense (dBridge Remix) 20. Instra:mental - No Future (Consequence Remix) 21. Code 3 - Living Proof 22. Consequence feat. Instra:mental - Reflex Reaction 23. ASC - Phobos 24. Skream - Fire Call 25. Instra:mental - Machine Made 26. dBridge - Love Hotel 27. dBridge - The Dim Light 28. Scuba - Eclipse 29. ASC - Ubiquity Incident 30. Abstract Elements - Abysmal Depth 31. Actress - Gen Ohn (Screwed Version) fabric will release Fabric.Live 50 on February 15, 2010 in the UK and on March 23, 2010 in the US.