Jesse Saunders celebrates 25 years of house

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    Mon, 10 Aug 2009, 14:25
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  • The producer of "On And On" will be joined by Joe Smooth, Marshall Jefferson and Robert Owens at London's SEOne later this year.
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  • Jesse Saunders will finish off his 25 Years Of House Music tour with a star-studded final show at London's SEOne. The origins of house music are steeped in mythology and confusion, with a few producers looking to claim the accolade of creating the first ever house track. Even though Jamie Principle's "Your Love" had been circulating through Chicago's clubs via cassette tape, it has generally been accepted that Saunders—together with criminally ignored engineer Vince Lawrence—committed the first ever house track to vinyl with "On And On," which was released at the beginning of 1984 on Jesse's own Jes Say Records. Strangely enough, the promotional video for the tour has Marshall Jefferson quoted as saying that Saunders' "Fantasy" was the first ever house track, but there's no question that Saunders was involved from the very beginning of house. Previous shows across the US have seen the producer and DJ fly the flag for Chicago house alone, but Saturday October 3rd's shindig will see three of his legendary compatriots share the stage for what should be an eagerly awaited party for house music fans nationwide. Saunders will be joined by Trax A&R man and "Move Your Body" producer Marshall Jefferson, Fingers Inc. vocalist Robert Owens and Joe Smooth, whose "Promised Land" became an instant classic as soon as it washed up on the shores of the UK. The rest of the bill will see a mix of old and new faces from south of the Watford gap, but it's not necessarily all about house music. Faith's Stuart Patterson, Brandon Block and Jaded resident Raymundo Rodriguez will all showcase their house-friendly styles, while Matt "Jam" Lamont and Ellis Dee will mix things up with their respective UK garage and hardcore sounds.