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    Tue, 25 Aug 2009, 14:20
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  • The Rotterdam-based producer will release her debut album on Connaisseur Recordings later this year.
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  • Estroe is set to release her debut artist album on Connaisseur Recordings later this year. The Dutch producer has previously appeared on both of the label's Grand Cru compilations as well as two 12-inch singles and is set to continue her relationship with the imprint via her Elemental Assets full-length. Out of the record's twelve tracks, only the skittering melodic minimal of "Driven" has been previously released, leaving fans of Estroe with plenty of fresh cuts to sink their teeth into. As with Estroe's previous material, there are plenty of colourful melody lines to fill the gaps between the often skeletal grooves, but the record sees her take a more diverse route than usual, with the chiming Morr Music-esque ambience of "Margje Hendrika" finishing up the record. There are even a couple of vocal tracks, with Miss Kittin getting emotional on the tense "La Flaneur," and The Frank Pop Ensemble's Samantha Leigh-Brown lending her soulful but melancholic tones to "High Maintenence." We recently spoke to Estroe by e-mail to ask her about the record, the Connaisseur connection and the forthcoming remix package.
    How did the decision come about to do the album? I guess because I had already done work on the label, I did a few releases and some tracks on the compilation albums and I had send lots of work that wasn't really for the dance floor but Connaisseur then came with the proposal to do an album. Did you have much active contact with Connaisseur during the process? During the production process once in a while. I would produce the tracks, send them for their approval and sometimes some small adjustments were made. Now that the album is finished, the tracklisting is formed and the promotion is being started we have almost daily contact. Connaisseur want to treat their artists as in a family and it feels like this for me. We have close contact and we respect each others ideas and visions. Is the record just an compilation of club tracks, or something more? It started with tracks that Connaisseur already selected earlier and from there I made tracks that were especially produced for the album. The album is a very personal reflection of my moods and certain events in my life. As a result it has a wide variety of styles. It goes from ambient to moody techno and more uplifting house stuff, so you can definitely listen to it home or with your friends. There are also some tracks for the dancefloor, but in general you could say that all the tracks have a certain kind of atmosphere and melodics in them. How long has the album been in production for? After the proposal to do the album it took another year of producing more tracks that fitted the rest and to make a good selection. But I guess it's an overview of my musical development from the past two years. There will also be a nice remix package with good producers, among them are Brendon Moeller and Roberto Rodriguez.
    Tracklist 01. Intro 02. Late Night Thinking 03. Passionate Timidity 04. Does It Ring A Bell 05. Le Flaneur feat. Miss Kittin 06. My Challenge 07. Flirtatious Concubine 08. High Maintenance feat. Sam Leigh-Brown 09. Inspirited Away 10. Updraft 11. Driven 12. Margje Hendrika Connaisseur will release Elemental Assets on November 6th, 2009.