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  • Legendary & Mystery Label from Ultraschall Club featuring two awesome classic dance tracks remixed by DJ Hell (Chiemsee Cowboy) and DJ Pacou (Tresor Headquaters) for DJ Dan Cortez (ultraschall). The Label is heavily supported by Disko B, where Rok It Originally had to be released, and Gigolo Records for Passion. The Homebase of the Label called SUMMIT is the infamous Independent Optimal Records store, the Melting Point of the Munich Machine Techno Universe. The Records runs inside Out and are pressed in green vinyl, mastered and pressed in the USA with Rok It and Passion etched on the explizit side of the record labeled with blank plain silver cover. It was only this one off shot released. This Release was an limited edition of 150 Records worldwide. The exact release date was xmas 1998 at Echtr Optimal, the date was an tradition in the ultraschall family, because the techno gang in munich takes really a lot care of traditional cultural happenings and behaviors rules, always ultra! Owner of the label is DJ DAN CORTEZ (confidential reclords), he has all legals and copyrights. this was the first own label of the lefgendary Killer DJ Dan Cortez (always ultra). Technos NOT Dead.