Grounded in Humanity

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  • "Grounded In Humanity" claims to be an output for the most instinctive aspect of the Human Species, which is certainly the most creative one and also the responsible for chaining these creatures to their own existence, preventing them to evolve from a more rational perspective. This hypothetical development would probably bring equal opportunities for the vast majority of the collective and a greater progression indeed. However, the power of the individual is systematically given priority condemning this species to a mere and miserable existence. groundedinhumanity at gmail dot com Release GiH001 with various artists vinyl-only, 180 gram available on Decks: GiH002 - with Havantepe. vinyl-only, 180 gram. Sold Out. GiH003 - with Stojche, vinyl-only, 180 gram, on Decks (and other shops. only few copies left): GiH004 - with Brad P, Slowburn and Gene Hunt, vinyl-only, 180 gram. Will be out in July 2014. Order here: GiH005 - Dub-Tech VA with GRIT, Dubatech, David Hausdorf and Gblanco. Available on our Bandcamp and here: GiH006 - with Life Recorder, available on Juno (and other stores): GiH007 - with grad_u, available on Juno: GiH008 - with IMG_2, available on Decks (and Juno & other stores): GiHCD001 - "DNA Sequence Vol.1" - Limited V.A. CD compilation (200 copies) / Ambient-Dub-Techno - available on Bandcamp GiHCD002 - "DNA Sequence Vol.2" - Limited V.A. CD compilation (200 copies) / Deephouse-Detroit-Chicago - available on Bandcamp (only few copies left) GiHCD003 / ALICD001 - "Alienus" - Limited V.A. CD compilation (175 Copies) as intro