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  • ADX Records is a transylvanian-based label, founded by Oliver Dombi and Andrea Majos. The owner remains Oliver, who started to make his first releases, with his first project/artist name 'Audiosex' (in 2006 - the labels official birth-year) later as 'Shambala Networks' and 'Oliver Dombi' as well. After these releases, ADX Recs. started to make V/A-s (compilations) and also started to release albums, Eps for artists from around the world. Most of People likes to see only one genre at a label. An ambient fan loves to see only ambient at a label, a techno fan loves to see techno, a metal fan metal and so on. Here at ADX this is just not the way how things work. Here you may find dark ambient together with minimal techno or schranz, psychedelic with trance or triphop. The owners favourite music genre is Ambient, that is why Ancient Language Records was born, or we can just say that Ancient Language Records is just a 'second' name for ADX, cause officially all releases are under the maintenance of ADX. After Years things evolved a lot. Today is ADX Distribution.


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