Runnin Wild



  • Runnin Wild started as an idea between two like minded DJ's and producers Bubba and Chris James. Fresh off their massive releases for Hot Creations, Pets Recordings,OFF Recordings and FutureBoogie the pair decided to combine their passion for forward thinking electronic music with a label showcasing the future house and disco sounds they love and that they were receiving from their friends in Canada, Brazil, France, Spain and the UK. Runnin Wild has already taken a life and sound of it own with a batch of exciting music and cutting edge Artists to be released and also featuring exclusive tracks and remixes from Bubba and Chris James themselves. Already gaining support from DJ's and label showcase's in the pipline, there is an air of excitement about their first release which is pushing in a fresh electronic direction that will make everybody stand up and pay attention on any dancefloor. 'We were just hearing so much amazing music we thought we need to get it out, its tracks that will blow people away and live up to the hype' explains Chris. 'I'm just a sucker for T-shirts and Stickers as well' shouts Bubba 'The whole concept is collectable,and you will want to get involved with our parties,we have exciting plans'


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