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  • iDark Records is the exclusive Techno label of Albert Kraner / Be Techno,Be iDark! iDark Records was founded by Albert Kraner in 2012 and will be distributed by Label show to the dancefloors and technolovers the dark side of techno... Our Artists/Remixers: A-Brothers (AUSTRIA) Albert Kraner (ITALY/OWNER) Electrorites (ITALY) Exce (ITALY) Gabeen (HUNGARY) GO!DIVA (HOLLAND) Hefty (UK) i1 ambivalent (CROATIA) Marrel (POLAND) MicRoCheep & Mollo (ROMANIA) Nicolas Oliver (USA) Stevie Wilson (UK/SCOTLAND) Subgloom (RUSSIA) Subsight (FRANCE) Tachini (REPUBLIC OF SURINAME) Tim Muller (GERMANY) and many more will come soon... iDark Records is avaiable on Beatport, Juno, I-Tunes, Amazon,trackitdown and all other digital download stores. iDark Records is supported by artists like: A-Brothers / A.Paul / Andreas Kremer / Concrete Djz / Daniele Crocenzi / DavidChristoph / Deh Noizer / Dj Gemma Furbank / Dj Hi-shock / Dj Link / DJ Ogi / DL-E / Electrorites / Exce / Fernanda Martins / Flex / Forest People / Gabeen / GO!DIVA / Hefty / Hystericmaniak / i1 ambivalent / Israel Toledo / Lance Blaise / Lars Klein / Loso / Lukas / Luke Creed / Markus Schulz / Marrel / Mas Teeveh / Mike Ban / Mike Maass / Mita / Monocraft / Morgan Tomas / Nicolas Oliver / Patrick Dsp / Peder / Robert Grand / Sebastian Groth / Spark Taberner / Spiros Kaloumenos / Stevie Wilson / Subgloom / Subsight / Thanatos / The Hitman / Tim Muller / Tobias Luke aka O.B.I / Tosi / Vegim FOR DEMOS: if u think that your tracks can fit the sound of iDark Records,then send them by to [email protected] We accept only FULL TRACKS in Mp3 320kb or WAV. we don't accept preview tracks,bad quality tracks and tracks without artist name. We are a new label,but we have already reached a huge support from lot of big artists,thx to the quality of our's why we want only quality music. h


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