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  • Ware records was founded in 1997 by Mathias Schaffhäuser. Releasing different kinds of electronic music, Schaffhäuser sets a high value on originality, abstraction and up-to-dateness. Some call it Minimal Techno, some call it Minimal House... WARE has released 61 EPs and 14 albums (as of August 2005), by Ziggy Kinder, Novox, Hans Nieswandt, Markus Güntner, Dominik Eulberg, Decomposed Subsonic and Coloma. Remixes for Ware were produced by the Gebr. Teichmann, by Trentemoller, Dapayk, Swayzak, Jeremy P. Caulfield, Matthew Mercer, Audio Werner and many more. WARE's focus on time relevance means that all music released on the label should somehow refer to the present. Schaffhäuser is no fan of retro trends and epigonisms, neither as label owner, musician nor as DJ.