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  • The Label ARAS has been founded by André Galluzzi and Dana Ruh. These two well- known DJs and Producers based in Berlin have put their both creativity in one common project. Not only to release their own musical vibes, but to give way to unheard-of talents and productions. ARAS takes it name from the brilliantly colored macaw parrot, and as a virtual proof stands for a multichromatic style that the label uses for its creative output. Both veteran artists and up-coming talents should have a plattform to release new and unconservative sounds, ranging in all perspectives of the musical color chart. The debut release will be a collaboration between the two label-founders, where they put Dana Ruh's incomparable Soundstructures alongside André Galluzzi's priceless talent of performance. For a second record of the label there will be the talented Johannes Heil, who gained a huge experience throughout his work period with his many releases. The third record will feature the upcoming and talented swiss producers Andrea Oliva, who also joined the label couple on their first label night in early 2011. The roster also includes the talent of electronic veteran Guido Schneider, whose many years as a DJ and producer brings a considerable amount of talent to table. The launch of ARAS has layed an foundation for new sounds and versatile styles in music, yet ready to color up the dancefloors.