• British born DJ and producer John Osborn has up until now been linked with his record label TANSTAAFL and its sublabel TANSTAAFL PLANETS, the two imprints he co-runs with colleague October since the start in 2011, respectively 2013. As time moves on, and we unquestionably along with it, our ideas and perspectives change. After seven years of “There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” (the acronym behind the label names) Osborn felt it was time for a new chapter and a new project started taking shape. In early 2017 the first DRED RECORDS release appeared. “DRED 001”, a three track 12” produced by S:VT (aka Sven Von Thülen, Sven VT) including a remix from Osborn. This is a fundamental part of the label: John will contribute to each release, showcasing his skill as a producer, deconstructing and reconstructing one of the tracks as well as putting emphasis on the versatility of the release. June had the Run Out Run/Inner Surface Music label honcho Tom Diciccio delivering the “SUDDEN MOVE EP”, followed by Pablo Mateo aka Wrong Copy’s “FAZING TREES EP”, both of these of course including remix work as well as being curated by Osborn. John is also responsible for all the graphic work concerning the label, with its logo and main visual identity being the sinking skull, symbolizing to dare throwing yourself out into the unknown. Emerging UK producer Reformed Society will be the fourth artist in DRED’s catalogue and the first release of 2018. March will see the three-track vinyl hit the shelves, accompanied by three “digital-only” exclusives, creating a diverse six-track deep house adventure. DRED is a labour of love and passion. It marks a new milestone in its founding father’s career, revealing a new side and spirit. A music professional as well as enthusiast, having been in the business for over two decades, Osborn is now in full control of his creativity. He has created a platform where he has the opportunity to shed light on new upcoming artists as well as celebrati




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