Selekta Recordings



  • Selekta Recordings was established early 2007, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A and is the product of the evolution of "The Selekta", founded in 1998. Selekta Recordings is built upon the same idealism as the writing and showcases of artists and other performing talent generated from various sources in "The Selekta", ( Where was all about bringing the reader into a world of untapped artists who we wanted to write about, Selekta Recordings will be bringing to your ears a plethora of music written and produced from those we believe should be showcased to the world. Some of our producers are veterans to the elecronic music marketplace, and some are newer to the game, but show the same value of talent and musical material. We are here to make sure they are heard, and that their emotions they expresed throughout their music are available to you. Selekta Recordings strives to introduce new and welcoming sounds in House, Techno, Breaks, Jazz, Soul, and Downtempo. Selekta hosts a 24/7 Radio Station on iTunes found under the Electronica section entitled: BOH! Selekta Sessions Radio We also host a weekly broadcast through on Thursdays from 2pm EST to 4pm EST showcasing our producers' talents behind the mixing decks. our entire catalog of 60+ releases and a slew of free downloadable mixes can be found with our partner, CHNL, at: