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  • Indigo Muzik and Indigo Records is a new Independent Dance Music label setup up in Sydney Australia to tailor to the next generation of Australian and International Artists and DJ's. It's specific goal is to take Dance Music into its next phase of evolution with the forward thinking and drive of the Indigo generation. "Indigo children are part of the new generation who experience difficulty fitting into the education system and the social norm. They are often lonely and isolated due to the fact that they are misunderstood and unheard in their world. They would often prefer their own company or the company of like minded individuals, adults or the opposite gender" "Based on this reason, these children are right brain dominant. They need an environment that is flexible, challenging and offers change. Being right brain dominant will grant them brilliance in creativity, whether in analytical thought, creative writing, speech, art, Music or Artistic performance" In the ever evolving Industry that is Dance Music and the current change of technology from vinyl and CD to the new age Midi controllers and DAW programs you need to be ahead of this curve of drastic change and exciting new technologies in order to be a successful Producer/DJ or Remixer. At Indigo Records we cater for the specific needs and requirements of todays up and coming new talent. Indigo Muzik is the voice of a new generation and we look forward to bringing you the best New and Talented Artists from Australia and Abroad.