• UNOIKI is an exploratory platform for electronic music, visual and related art nestled between the cornerstones CLUB and ART! UNOIKI is about exploring the spaces inbetween: searching for new grounds and ways questioning and undefining rules, limits and structures in music, art, distribution, promotion and all life! UNOIKI is based on the idea to create a collective of like-minded artists with an original and unique vision. UNOIKI wants to initiate projects and collaborations - and plans to publish, release and sell music, visual, audiovisual and interdisciplinary works via this website. UNOIKI wishes to build links to innovative artists, thinkers, writers, dancers, filmmakers, media-activists, DJs, promoters and afficionados to create a network, which is getting prepared for the future. UNOIKI keywords openness, curiosity, fascination, uniqueness, flexibility, reflection, association, transition, transparency, timelessness, sustainability, (critical) thinking, independency, freedom, respect, tolerance, peace!