Soap Records



  • Soap Records was launched in 1995 by the four friends Toni Rios, André Walter, Thomas Bingel & Chris Liebing, as the gentlemen could not find at that time an adequate label for their unpublished tracks. Up to approximately 1999 they published 12 maxis, amongst classical and US inspired house and gray zone, operated between house and techno. In today’s time this would surely be categorized as techno-house. The project Soap Records rests after that, as all four went on their separate ways. Up to approximately 1999 they published 12 maxis. Soap was a part of UCMG Germany. After many years of successfully working on other projects, in 2006 Toni Rios & Andre Walter find together their way back to the studio. In 2007 the circle closes in. Toni Rios & Andre Walter have a finished longplayer ready, but similar to 13 years ago, no suitable label for their material. After nearly 10 years of sleeping beauty time, Soap Records is being re-animated by Toni Rios & André Walter in 2008. This time without Thomas Bingel and Chris Liebing, who are involved in other projects and naturally no longer participating.


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