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  • STR was founded by DJ Jason Michaels as an avenue to deliver his own personal productions to the world. Since its inception in 2004, STR has quickly become more that just that. With close to 75 artists signed, STR has grown rapidly and its expanding its reach globally as it boasts artists from the US to Eastern Europe and Australia. With its prime focus on international talent, STR has moved into the spotlight as a fresh up-and-coming label, which dedicates itself, not only to quality releases, but to nurture new talent across the globe, and provide the opportunity for new artists to live their dream. In late 2006, STR launched a heavy marketing and reach-out campaign, and in doing so, has landed a very talented artist, Chris Drifter, who now naturally holds title of A/R manager for the label. With Chris strategically located in Hungary, a fusion of music from east to west is introduced, which makes this label very diverse, ultimately giving it its strength. Additionally, Jason has created "Supero Recordings" which is a sub label, delivering trance and some progressive house. Supero Recordings has also launched a massive reach-out campaign and in doing so, has acquired many talented trance artists, most notably, Karl-Sankey, AKA NEM, who naturally heads up the A/R role under this label and runs it out of the UK. With the synergies of these two labels, Jason's vision has penetrated almost every niche of the dance floor around the globe. With major thanks to both A/R's who bring the vision to fruition, and all of the artists who execute flawlessly on their productions and remixes, STR and Supero are destined to be respectable labels, and will continue to deliver to the world audience. Enjoy our myspace profile, our audio players, and be sure to check out for more information on our sub label. Until next time, Jason Michaels and the SoundTribeRekords' family.We are always searching fresh new talents to our label, so if you think your pr