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  • symbiont-music creates a base for artists to present their music. Without any borders in rhythm and melody the artists should give their working processes full scope - digital and analog. Furthermore symbiont-music desires to gather information about today’s clubbing culture and connect creative people and their output. The project should be identified with the music, create some kind of space and let the artists spread out into the clubs to emphasize the quality of electronic arts and creativity at all… Who ... Artists (musicians, architects, graphics and web designer, culture scientists’ & authors) organisers Where to ... Our aim is to combine and connect different people, to create more immersing events, which are based on the passion for music and the enjoyment for the pleasure of other people. Music is the main product of our artists. It is more than only producing, you have to live music culture. Get known of it, work it up, make experiences adeptly (practically) and share it. At all to put consistently and creativity out. How ... We are searching for artists, organisers, netlabels, hard labels, project initiators, who want to stage events with us. They should contemplate themselves as part of a network, and try to integrate by the mean of communication, contribute ideas, but also invest energy into the realisation. So different events could be better organized and coordinated, to increase the reachability to the audience. To cultivate the project contains also a documentary value. We want to describe our current music culture, and try to investigate how different networks act together.