Carnival Records



  • Torino 2009, after years of deep underground studies, attended on the banks of one of the most electro conductor river of Europe, Marcelo Tag & Franco Cazzola aka Tek take their degree as contemporary sound engineers and launch (establish / found) Carnival Records. The brand new label’s keyword is freshness; through the promotion of the new house dub sounds, Carnival Records starts his journey searching for new talents from the european "new-house" universe without boundaries nor definitions. The right to sign the first EPs from Carnival Records belongs to the two cofounders, whose tracks will be remixed by two young and already well known artists along Europe. Franco Cazzola is coming out with Mexico EP, in which the track “In Mexico with you” is remixed by Ahmet Sismann (Slash, Stock5, Less is more). Marcelo Tag answers back with the Venezia EP: side A Venezia / Love array, remixed, on the side B by Nico Purman (Vakant). Let the Carnival begin….. //---------------- BEGIN BEATPORT PLAYER -----------------------


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