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  • NOPRESET RECORDS introduces itself in the already exploited world of "electronic dance music record labels" with a clear .. working hard to raise up the scene of a collective and a musical languaje and production that we want for us to be charasteristic for sharing with the world a touch of freshness, innovation and effectivity to the dance floor. That's why NOPRESET RECORDS is stablishing as a plattform in wich any producer that considers (and that we consider as wel) that has something to add up regarding the stetic level and that would be able to tell us something interesting or new on the 4/4 format... can fit inside. Nowadays the number of members in NOPRESET RECORDS is getting bigger and bigger and that is the law that we'll like to keep in the future. We don't want to be indentified with anything; we only want to keep being honest with our music and with ourselves. For that, we keep our heads, our hearts and our ears wide open because we will not know in wich direction we will be heading for. At the moment we cannot define our style for obvious reasons, but we surely confirm that we sound" "hard", we sound fresh and we love to dance, so please put ourselves close to the minimal structure of vocation, techno heritage and attitude, as that's were we feel more confortable and safer. Anyway, as Frank Zappa used to say "talking about music is like dancing architecture", so I think you better listen carefully and let's let the music talk about us and not the other way around.