Worship Recordings



  • Worship Recordings was established in the summer of 1998 in Philadelphia. The concept was simple at first: they just wanted to put out their own music their own way. After the first few releases it became clear that they had dropped in on a genre of house & techno music that has slowly but surely come to fruition, focusing on the dub factor of dance music. They knew they were not the first to use the influence of Jamaican reggae music as a foundation for their house & techno productions, but they definitely wanted to continue to push it to new heights in both the house community and progressive reggae scene. What started out as an in-house production label, Worship soon started to sign like- minded artists such as: Garth, Chris Udoh, Pete Moss, Solomonic Sound, Hakan Lidbo, Jay Tripwire and Grant Dell- just to name a few. Some Worship releases are more dub than house/techno and vice versa - but all releases are pure quality. From the music’s production quality to the legendary KLH art work and right down to the packaging, Worship Recordings is never slacking. They continue to explore new methods of using house/techno & reggae/dub music side by side to reach lovers of both sounds and to unite them in the dance hall as ONE.