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  • Nervous Records is currently one of the longest standing record labels in the USA. We are probably one of the only labels left that still has the word “records” attached to its name. That’s how long we’ve been around. Here’s a summary of what has happened along the way: 1991- 1993: When Nervous started back in 1991, our focus was East Coast house music. There were a couple other hot NYC labels like Strictly Rhythm, Nugroove, Emotive and Maxi at the time. This was a great time for this genre, and the labels were thriving. When Ministry of Sound first opened in 1992, they had flags in the club celebrating all the New York labels. The concept of combining soulful, flavorful beats with old disco samples was still fresh. And the top producers in the game, like Kenny Dope, Louie Vega and Todd Terry, were “breaking off beats” for their friends, and these beats when pressed on wax would sell over 10,000 copies. (Of course, even the “friends” had to pay big money to get these beats). Nervous had its share of hits during this time, but it had one big asset that the other labels did not share….an amazing logo. Out of the box, the Nervous logo became a staple of the European club scene, plastered on t-shirts, caps, pants, dj bags, even undergarments! Nervous hits from the early years… Sandy B – Feel Like Singing Loni Clark – Rushing Nuyorican Soul – The Nervous Track Winx – Don’t Laugh Kim English- Nite Life 1994-1996: The mid-90’s was the golden time for hip hop in NYC. With a combination of skill and luck, we discovered Funkmaster Flex and signed him before he started spinning on Hot 97 and became the world’s most famous hip hop DJ. Then in quick succession we signed classic New York artists like Black Moon, Smif-n-Wessun and Mad Lion. The albums “Enta Da Stage” by Black Moon and “Dah Shinin” by Smif-n-Wessun are now considered 2 of the top hip hop albums of all time, and Mad Lion is recognized as the pioneer in the reggae hip hop genre. Nervous hits