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  • Get Digital is a digital platform for many of Get Physical’s future releases. Indeed Get Physical is not switching entirely digital, but in fact embracing and developing along with the changing trends in the independent music market. A fresh new site and a new label will provide them with more flexibility to release more music from their core artists as well as open the gates to groom promising new talent. No longer will they be pigeon held to the seventeen or eighteen twelve inch singles slots that are allotted per year, which will enable them to expand upon their sound and hopefully support artists that they could not before. One thousand of the inaugural Get Digital release will be offered exclusively from their new homepage as a free download. Following Get Digital releases will be available exclusively only through the new site for up to four weeks before they are available on Beatport or any other digital download sites. A move that clearly aims to supplement the increasing demand for digital media. For the last six years Get Physical has been at the forefront of underground electronic dance music. Steadily releasing sought after twelve inches since 2002 and numerous acclaimed albums and compilations within the last four years. Their new site is something that has been a long time coming and their new label Get Digital, is ensuring that it will follow in the same trends for the time to come.