• It’s professionalism and a passion for music that drives the 2007 founded BlackFoxMusic (BFM) team to promote the careers of talented artists in all aspects of the music arts industry. Beside their activities as a Booking Agency, BFM presents audiovisual events and got their own label with particular focus towards their own acts. From groovy House Sound to nasty electro trax the label BlackFoxMusic almost covers many styles of electronic music and always appreciates the outstanding and unique new-comer. BFM030 Tag Am Meer EP 5 BFM029 Boss Axis - Goliath Ep BFM028 Tag Am Meer EP 4 BFM027 Tagträumer² - Granny Takes A Trip BFM026 Tag Am Meer EP 3 BFM025 Compilation - Kapitel 5 BFM024 Lars Wickinger - La La La BFM023 Tag Am Meer EP 2 BFM022 Tagträumer² - Pankow BFM021 Tag Am Meer Ep BFM020 Compilation - Kapitel 4 BFM019 Masterton - Closer BFM018 Millimetric - Wavecontrol BFM017 Kim Pixa feat. Xenia Beliayeva - Wo Ist Die Liebe Geblieben? BFM016 Toureau - Melanchromantic BFM015 Compilation - Kapitel 3 BFM014 TrockenSaft - Drunken Sailor BFM013 L Kubic & Tagträumer² - Feel So Good BFM012 Xenia Beliayeva - Tandom Jump BFM011 Tagträumer² - Beyond LFO BFM010 Compilation - Kapitel 2 BFM009 Hanz S. - The City Never Sleeps BFM008 L Kubic feat. Jordan Palah - Future Boy BFM007 Tagträumer² - India BFM006 L Kubic - Pompeji BFM005 Compilation - Kapitel 1 BFM004 Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter - Where Is My Mind BFM003 Trick & Kubic - Near BFM002 Tagträumer² - Capisce BFM001 Tokra Thaan - Blade Runner


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