Recycle Records



  • Recycle Records was born in Lecce (South of Italy), from an idea of Guido Nemola and Andrea Santoro (Santorini) . In 2007 Recycle started as a digital label on Beatport with the help of Dandi&Ugo and Piatto (Italobusiness), releasing minimal-techno and deep house and celebrating the musical history of Chicago and Detroit. Recycle published tracks of producers like Santorini, Limo, Playane, To Be Different, Loaded, Fabio Giannelli, Dario Lotti, Guido Nemola from Italy, David Durango, Ramon Lorenzo, Masaya, Ste´phane Attias, Stoergerausche, Luca Torre from Switzerland, Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela, Boris Castro, Felipe Venegas from Chile, Rhadow and Luca M from Romania, Tim Schumacher from Germany. In 2009 Recycle started a partnership with Irma Records, the most famous label in Italian’s house history, releasing vinyls and CDs. Since 2010 Recycle publish vinyls with the new brand Recycle Limited Booking Infos: [email protected]