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  • When Airdrop was founded in 2006 by Paulo and Henry, the labels’ mission was clear: providing a stable and fertile ground to develop a talented selection of Argentine artists, as well as launching the American duo Soul Clap far up in the air. Bridging the often-too-wide gap between the Northern and Southern parts of the American continent, Airdrop creates record releases that have Argentine and US artists come together. Since then, Franco Cinelli, Andres Zacco and Leonel Castillo have remained the label’s spearheads, while new missions are also developed around fresh European recruits, such as John Spring, Le Loup & Funkalicious James, Death On The Balcony or Fritz & Lang. Airdrop defies categorization – its releases fuse house, techno, funk, disco, ambient and many more genres into a holistic one as they aim to unite, not separate, the floor. Over the last two years, Airdrop Records has performed its sound around prestigious festivals such as Miami's WMC, Detroit's Movement or Zürich's Streetparade, as well as taking over important clubs and parties - NYC's Bar 13, Berlin's Weekend Club or Paris's Sundae have all bared the Airdrop flag. A series of sub-labels have naturally grown out of the Airdrop bole – Aux-Rec offers special projects based on re-editions and bootlegs. Curated by Andres Zacco, Greener features a bleeding-edge techno slant. In collaboration with Jorge Savoretti, Savor Music pushes some definitive club cuts and cultivates a certain acid touch. Finally, Groovear will be launched in 2012, focusing on Leonel Castillo’s rich and diverse production...