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  • NECHTO is a child of one and only Nastia and its name literally means “something”. Established in 2019 it serves as another chapter of star Ukrainian DJ’s desire to put out music. After releasing a solid collector’s catalogue on her Propaganda imprint, Nastia changed her approach to focus on dance music far away from mainstream, efficiency, distinct visual style and digital presence. This label is not a business — it’s a catalogue for DJs. Being a crate digger herself, Nastia is really into the raw sounds from the 90’s and wants to make records with tracks that can be played in the club. NECHTO is an open platform for everyone, it’s a label with no pretences. The goal is to use all of our power to push other artists who are new to this. Label is designed to make the process simple for them and to make everyone see how easy it is to release music if you just make good stuff. Looking forward to see you dance to the sound of NECHTO!