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  • Born in 2005, CATWASH RECORDS made its way signing artists from different scenes all across the world. Avoiding a restricting genre the label CATWASH RECORDS knows since the very beginning how to pick up good and fency tracks... With brilliant DJs & artists like Catwash, Chris Carrier, Le Chien Perdu, Mirco violi, Little Fritter, UGLH & Federico Locchi, El Mundo & Satori or even DJ W!LD (the label owner) to name a few, the selection of talented products is quite easy. Add to this the Hors Série side of the label which gives fresh and new sounds still in the same colours but with an extra shiny feeling that reminds you that "Catwash" soul is not so far... Moreover, the brand freshly released a new records label named "W", a special place for W!LD and friends, which motto is "we have wild records". Stay tuned...