• Adagio is a musical project the aim of which is to produce quality music without following usual market logic. Gaetano Parisio’s new label has evolved out of an increasing need to produce new sounds and to give other artists, both established and less well known, the possibility to develop their own sounds thereby creating the necessary foundations for a large musical platform. Adagio will develop in 2 ways: the first dedicated to single ep releases featuring a series of pre-releases with alphabetic catalogue numbers. These releases will be limited and their sole function is to gather feedback from DJs and the dance floor. The official finished releases will be based on the choice of some of the pre-released tracks plus others yet unreleased. Then there will be double vinyl and single ep releases featuring the music of artists whose concepts identify with what Adagio is aiming to launch. Adagio proposes to create a definitive base from where artists can liberally and musically intermingle thereby creating synergy devoted to musical research.


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