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  • Metempsychosis and its sister label Ways To Die represent Destruction and Construction respectively, which are to be considered as different phases of the same movement. Construction is what follows destruction. Metempsychosis’ music is deep, dynamic and inspired by creativity and commitment. It represents a positive and forward-looking outlook of the future. Where freedom of thought creates new meaningful conditions. ​ Metem psychosis (Gr. meta empsychos, Lat. metempsychosis) or reincarnation – in other words the doctrine of the transmigration of souls – proclaims that the same soul migrates in succession in different bodies. ​ This transmigration of the individual soul, is not a predestined and unchangeable process, but rather its course is influenced by the power of will. The choice of one’s life is held into their own hands. ​ Metempsychosis is the opportunity to shape the matter and transform the world.