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  • "This is Timeline. Unknown Timeline. ** 're Not Supposed To Be Here." Latest news: https://soundcloud.com/unknowntimeline/utrx002-seiichiro-itoyama-substrata Artist: Seiichiro Itoyama Title:Substrata Catalog number: UTRX.002 Genre: Techno, Dark, Hypnotic Format: Digital Release date: 11-11-2020 Mastering: Artificial Intelligence Artwork: Igor Kach Seiichiro Itoyama is a producer from Japan, currently based in Berlin. Initially diving into electronic music production as a means of personal meditation, this has become the foundation of his process - a disciplined, uncompromising focus on inducing an utterly present and hypnotic state of mind through sound. All the above, as well as a strong desire to distinguish his sound has led him to consciously eschew using software / hardware / modular synths as primary sound sources. With a deep interest in film, he began to sample sounds from films. Every sound (except the kick) is created from sounds extracted from films, processed and altered beyond recognition by effects, done entirely in the box using mainly ableton stock plugins alongside few third-party plugins. This EP is the culmination of this process.