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  • Brazilian label dedicated to techno. At the command of Anders and Flavio Togni, Both members of the night from São Paulo. With the proposal of reinforcement techno in its purest format, the label have 3 years old and alredy poss a extensive catolog with several artists firmeds on th techno music scene around the world. Artists of the label: Anders (BR), X707, Afrozoid, Alvinho L Noise, Osclighter, ASKE, CementO, Steel Force, Max Underson, Destination Unknøwn, MLZ (IT), Manu Villas, Eremitas, Rodrigo Risso, Jacks Menec, Rodrigo Risso, Amil Erythn, Brankelo, Yonoid, 3rd Phase, Vallas Martins, Douglas Giammusso, Cassulle, Fuma Funaky, Fusion Point, Human Robot, Izak New, Javfstrackt, Modulo303, NMDS, Obscurus, Triads (BR) and Roger Hare. Remixers Guests: Echoplex, Bruno Knauft and Glenn Birc. Support the label and artists.