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  • In the age of disposable media, where formulaic pop releases were tailored to an undiscerning mass of rampant consumers, darkness had settled on the land of tunes. Small bands of rebels fought bravely, more often than not to fail, unremembered and unmourned, their bold battle-cries falling on deaf ears. Dejected artists watched sorrowfully from the shadows as one by one, the heroes of their formative years were struck down, mourned for a day and then discarded with the detritus of bargain bins and best ofs. The mighty temples, the synagogues of sound which once stood so proudly, doors open to streams of enraptured followers, were closed. Their halls stand empty, their denizens dispersed. But not all would go so quietly into the night. Tales tell of two compatriots - keepers of the records, disciples of the decks and devotees to the Underworld, these two saw the suffering of the dispossessed and were moved by their plight. Forming an alliance against the forces of mediocrity, our heroes delved deeper into their underground domain, scouring the darkest dens and hidden hideouts, the secret places of resistance where mighty wizards warped the air with the tortured screams and plaintive cries of twisted circuits, and the pounding of war-drums still beat defiance at the broken world above. Here they sought new allies, creators of undiscovered genius and rare talent with whom to create a new movement. Drawing on their vast knowledge and love for the old ways, the two friends began to revive their ancient art. With the assistance of the masters they had uncovered in their journeys, they began to create new records, new chronicles of sonic empowerment with which to reignite the passions of the world. Here you will find the sacred collection of these masterpieces, the assorted works gleaned from the masters of the underground for the betterment of all mankind. Here you will find Kyoku Records.