Empore Music



  • From the manageable city of Kiel located in the North of Germany, the team behind the independent music label called Empore Music started to make waves in international waters for almost half a decade now. Far from the competition happening in the big cities, a group of friends created a small platform for local musicians, some of them being themselves. It is more than logical that the label’s beginnings can be traced back to Luna Club which was not only the birthplace of the project itself but also the only spot where it was possible to experience club culture in Kiel. Not merely for the local DJs or producers was the Luna Club the sole place that managed to create an atmosphere where the spirits of House and Techno music could be relived. Experiencing such a nightclub in a rural area as a musical playground to test and work on own material combined with the chance to create a network that reached way across German borders whilst remaining independent of the happenings in the bigger cities, were essential for the label’s development. When it came to the visual appearance of their output, the artwork needed to be of the same high standards as the released music. A standard they found in the works of the Kieler artist J.R. Schneider who shared a huge amount of his works, of which some date back into the mid 70s, to build a fitting artwork form. With those possibilities and with the goals they set themselves, it was just a matter of time that releases gained support by many of the key players within the dance music industry. Up until this day, their idea of quality electronic music remains the same, while the label family grows on a very personal level, winning fans around the globe. The team behind Empore Music is willing to present their idea of a musical journey with every single output, with every single label night and to every single open mind...