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  • Inyan is a term, coined by the Lakote-mythology, the spiritual world of North and South Dakotas native americans. Inyan (rock) was the first out of the greater gods, he existed already at the beginning of time and he is the father of the earth goddess, the mother of all life. As you see, Mario Neha alias Deneha, the founder of the Inyan-imprint, is a club-musician, whos world isnt functioning by the rules of paragatism or by cold logic. Inyan gains ist innovative capacity from a deep belief, that everything is part of a big ensemble. This also concerns the music produced by this fresh record label, which is made for one reason : to touch the hearts of everybody who listenes to it. Inyan-productions have to take its listeners by teir hands and to kidnap them to a world, that hasn't got to do anything with the dullness of everyday life. Inyan is bound to this maxim and it’s also a manifesto of the label's headhoncho Deneha. Of course: Inyan is a creative cornucopia for electronic music and electronic music can be soulless and cold. But Inyan proves that this hasn't got to be by releasing heart-warming, emotional and euphoric music. Deneha, signed by the Berlin-based imprint Upon.You, fulfills with his new homebase a musical dream and procures a play field, on which he gives space to his overwhelming creativity and where he can give like-minded club-musicians a platform, on which they can do their own thing. Inyan is a appeal for more spirituality in a club-world, that is too functional and dominated by figures. And it's a birthplace to a whole lotta music, that moves people. Collapse