Urban Kickz Recordings



  • Urban Kickz Recordings otherwise known as UKR is a techno label run and owned by USA's Roman Zawodny. With material from artists such as Roman Zawodny, Lester Fitzpatrick, Chainsmoker, Jay Denham, Jerome Baker, Ben Long, Donnell Knox, DJ Skull, Patrick DSP. Oliver Kucera, Diarmaid O Meara, Saint Cole, Ellery Cowles, Drew Sky, DJ ZeMigL, Woody Mcbride, Rees Urban, Josh Moseley, Dro San, Tico Torres, Maxx, Sirius Brown, RRKS, Rennie Foster, Trevor Benz, Pushmann, Taigo Onez, Theodore Elektrk, Wyndell Long, Ron Adams, Roland Black, DJ Devious, Jani Ho, Wetworks, Tim Vitek, Mindburn, DJ Skitzo, Chance McDermott, Plural, FBK, DJ Amar, DJ D Redd, fnkey, A.D.M., Ninna V, Subfractal, G1, O.T.R.S., Lectromagnetique, Alvin Carr, Gohai and Input C, Alavux, Computer Controlled, FerBR, and many many more.


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