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  • Mo’s Ferry Prod. officially exists since mid 2001. But that's not the real beginning of it all. This was more like in the early 90s when todays label owners Niklas Worgt and Jan Langhammer ran into each other in school. Anyway, the release date of the first and real "mfp" vinyl is a perfect joint starting point. The music of Mo's Ferry Prod. can be perfectly described by the words of a well-respected colleague: "This music offers a way out of the one-way street regarding the groan of minimal techno. Mo's Ferry releases are uncomfortable, dodgy, angular, groany and self-containt - to this day. No going back to the big ingredient range of the last 15 years of techno and house, no electro thingumbob, and of course no whatsoever clash" (Mathias Schaffhaeuser / Beam). Well, here's nothing much to add, apart from... By now, the label has its standing and the release policy still follows the more inconvienient way. It's not acceptable constantly exhausting the standards and hypes. What about distinction and variety? For other musical playgrounds the Mo's Ferry sublabels fenou and RRYGULAR were created in 2005. And that's it... that's the way how to search and find their standing in the world of the electronic music biz.