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  • Change they say, is the only constant, and after 7 years leading the charge for one of France's most successful labels, Time Has Changed, ACUMEN will now be turning attention elsewhere thanks to a new label, Thrill of It Records. While the main man won't entirely be waving goodbye to THC, Thrill of It is a label with a very different way of working. For a start, Acumen will be running the label alongside his wife. Then there's the musical policy. Of course, the same components of what made THC so successful, (namely quality, dancefloor driven house fare), will again play a pertinent role, but this time around Acumen is promising more ''deep, melodic and techno'' sounds. As Acumen himself says ''Thrill of It is a label that stands for emotions and those special feelings on the dancefloor. It's important to us that our music stands out from the crowd , we don't want to release just rolling, peak-time tech-house. We want to make music that leaves a lasting impression." The label's first release is a case in point, as Acumen delivers the stunning Crush EP, a release that comes primed with remixes from two of France's most renowned upcoming house stars, Danton EEPROM and Parisian duo, Villanova. All play their part with some panache, with the music on offer here the sort of classy, refined output you'd expect from a quartet of French producers. The artwork is beautifully adhered to also, with Desi's painting skills proving a beautiful and apt foil for the music on offer. To sum up, Acumen says: “I've been impressed for a long time by labels such as Life & Death, Pampa and My Favorite Robot. Their way of working - from the music on offer right down to their artwork and everything they stand for - is what sets them apart. Now, with Thrill of It, I have a similar label, whereby everything is construed on a similar basis. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by what's in store too.