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  • Calm we sit and listen on the day of procreation. Stories of then and now. Three years ago we set out to turn our backs on the city and found ourselves at a place where civilization reached its climax and our desires found a home. On the floors of the world, among friends, collaborators and the music machinery. Once more the question arises where to put the dreams that have been fulfilled and the new, always misty wishes? Accompanied by remaining uncertainties and visions that do not materialize until vocalized by the world. One thing is clear. Where we go to there is paradise and where we are, we remain confident and keep following the trail of time. In good company and with our senses sharpened. We lose a consonant and win a friend "URS". An expert. A connoisseur. A mellow fellow. Beloved and with the instinct of a bear: free from fear, friendly, soft and uninhibited. New open space for proven concepts and audacious innovations. Heads up! And headphones on! ________________________________________ https://www.facebook.com/ursl.records https://soundcloud.com/urs-urs http://www.beatport.com/label/urs/38127 ________________________________________