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  • Sat, 28 May

    Rhonda presenta: El SuperDiscoLatino

    This stunning multi-room lineup celebrates dance music from across Latin and Hispanic cultures and scenes, from Rosa Pistola's fiery reggaeton to the swung beats of Nick León, legendary freestyle pioneeer Jellybean Benitez and hometown hero Santiago Salazar.
  • Sat, 28 May

    Midnight Lovers X Making Shapes: Move D + Optimo [DAY PARTY]

    An international double-header of epic proportions, this Making Shapes x Midnight Lovers team-up features the buoyant house sounds of Move D alongside Optimo's everything-goes vibe, for a daytime party of world-class selections that'll give any Detroit party a run for its money.
  • Sat, 28 May

    SPIRALING (Round 2): deep creep, JS, clue man, voice training, kohwi, executive lunch

    deep creep has a has a knack for harmonious, hypnotic mixes with psychedelic sound effects that slide between genres like deep house, experimental, ambient and dub techno with ease. She’s also the mastermind behind Brooklyn’s pi pi pi series, where artists curate mixes that encapsulate specific temperatures. It’s only right that her LA debut happen in an intimate venue alongside a friend-filled line-up including previous pi pi pi feature Kohwi back-to-back executive lunch.
  • Fri, 3 Jun

    TUNNEL presents: DJ SWISHA, Bapari, Star Eyes, Bianca Oblivion, Annika Wolfe and Trax Unit

    Tunnel founders OZA and Palma bring the iconic party back to Don Quixote with DJ SWISHA of JukeBounceWerk headlining. SWISHA’s scintillating selections alone are enough to get the backs off the wall, but with local rave royals like Bapari, Bianca Oblivion and Annika Wolfe supporting, you’re in for belting breakbeats on a drenched dance floor.

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  • Los Angeles is one of the world's most photographed cities, but the city's magic is often hidden from plain sight. This certainly applies to LA's word-of-mouth party scene. Building on a rich rave history spanning back to the early '90s, as well as a vibrant musical tradition encompassing everything from boogie funk to experimental club, LA isn't so much a melting pot as a mosaic. No matter what you're into, community is here, as long as you're willing to look for it.
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